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Global Energy Interconnection call for papers

<Global Energy Interconnection>, established by Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), is professional and prospective scientific journal in energy and power fields, which is bimonthly published in English. The first issue is scheduled to be published in January, 2018. The target audience includes professional administrative staffs of related government departments, international organizations and members, experts in energy, information, economics, environment and transportation industry, and scholars in consulting organizations, research institutions and colleges and dedicated to establishing advanced academic platforms in the fields of energy, integrating with international academic fields, and becoming contribution source for the Engineering Index (EI) after three years.

1.Aims and Scope

With the core of Global Energy Interconnection (GEI),sets up the following columns: Theoretical Thoughts, Development Strategy, Planning and Design, Advanced Transmission Technology, Smart Grid, Clean Energy, Technological Trends, Project Applications, Innovative Product; focuses on professional fields of interconnection of energy, exploration and application of clean energy, sustainable development of economy and society, global governance of climate change, etc.; mainly publishes academic papers of related strategies, plans, techniques, equipment, projects, designs and standards.

The topics include but are not limited to:

●Theoretical research results, promotions to facilitate the implementation of GEI.

●Development concepts, strategy systems, realization paths and comprehensive values of GEI.

●Development planning, system design and technique and economy analysis of GEI.

●Advanced transmission technology including UHVAC, UHVDC, new power transmission, flexible AC/DC transmission, and control and protection for interconnected grid, etc.

●Smart grid technology including smart substations, DC grid, smart power distribution, interaction of electricity, etc.

●Clean energy technology including clean energy generation, integration and consumption of clean energy, control and protection of clean energy, etc.

●Technological development directions, trends in energy fields.  

●Application of projects in energy fields.

●Innovative products including completely new technology, methods, improvements to present products, etc.

2.Submission Requirements

●Submissions should be completed by authors without any academic misconduct.

●Multi-submission of one paper is prohibited. Authors should promise not to publish any main point of submissions at other publications before.

●No information of authors should appear at the text.

●The length of the paper is better with no more than 5000 characters.

●<Global Energy Interconnection>  has the right to modify the words of your paper. If you don’t allow any modification, please indicate it.

●Please give your phone number and e-mail address, which are the most common ways to communicate. Please tell us if there is any change to your contact information.

3.Content Requirements

All submissions should include the following contents:

●Titles: brief, concise, to the point.

●Name of authors, companies of authors: first author should be at the first, the rest is in turn.

●Abstract: briefly reflects the main points of the paper.

●Key words: general words mainly used for literature index.

●Introduction: cut-in point of this paper, previous research results of this field.

●References: numbered according to the order by which the reference first appears in this paper.

●Biographies of authors: including photos, education experience, working experience, e-mail address, etc.

You are cordially invited to submit your works.

Contacts: Wei Wang 86-10-66598506

                Shuo Feng 86-10-63411762 

                Baobao Sun 86-10-63411498